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HS-102V has following excellent features and assist daily diagnostic in the field.

Portability with shoulder belt allows total freedom of movement.
Compact design and easy operation.
Portability image

High Luminance LCD
1000 cd/m 2  LCD provides easy viewing.
High Luminance LCD image

Easy Operation
Thanks to simple button design, operation is easy.
Auto gain function eliminates tedious work adjusting image.
Symmetric button design allows left or right handed operation.
Easy operation image

Measurement Function (Distance) NEW

Distance (mm)

Approx. 2 hour battery operation allows  
continuous scanning anywhere, anytime.
Battery Image
For charging of battery, an external charger is included.
It is available as standard for AC100V-240V along with power supply cord.
Battery Charger illust

Image Storage
60 still images can be stored, and memory function allows review of the stored pregnancy images. 
USB port is standard.
Image storage image

Coil Cord
Convenient coil cord helps speed up scanning process.
Coil cord image

Sow Pregnancy
Sow Pregnancy image

Cattle Pregnancy
Cattle Pregnancy image

Scanning Method Convex / Linear electronic scan
Display Mode B-mode (single)
Monitor 5.7inch QVGA LCD
Range Range select: 6 -24cm (2cm step)
Focusing Method Digital beam forming
Image Adjustment Auto gain control
Gain control: 16 steps
STC control: 8 steps
Image Store Flash memory (60 Images)
Image Functions Date & Time
Probe type
(Gain Value)
Measurement Function
Interface USB port x 1
Dimensions (WxDxH) Approx. 184 x 62 x 270 (mm)
Weight Approx. 2.0 kg (including the probe and battery)
Power Source Battery
Approx. 2 hours continuous operation
Battery charger : Input Voltage: 100V-240V AC 50/60Hz
Probes HCS-136C : 3.5MHz 60R Convex probe
HLV-155 : 5.0MHz 50mm Rectal probe
HCS-152 : 5.0MHz 20R Microconvex probe
Standard components HS-102V with Probe|Shoulder belt, AC adapter, Power supply cord
Charger base, Battery x 2, Gel, Manual
Option Protection cover, Carrying case

Probes image

HCS-1712M with cable

Accessories image
1. Shoulder belt  2. AC Adapter & Power supply cord  3. Charger base  
4. Battery  ×  2  5. Gel  6.  Manual

Protection cover
Protection Cover image

Carrying case
Carrying case image

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