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IMTS 2016 | September 12 - 17
[Industrial Equipment]

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Advanced ULTRASONIC equipment will be introduced at "IMTS 2016" as below. 
HONDA ELECTRONICS has been developing various kinds of ultrasonic equipment since 1956.
This will be a very good chance to look and feel HONDA ELECTRONICS products. 

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Date September 12-17, 2016
Venue McCormick Place, Chicago, IL
Web site https://www.imts.com/
Booth No. NC-753
Items to exhibit Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner: WDX series
Mixture of two frequencies prevents harmful erosion. Suppressing hot spots and realizing good uniformities.

- Portable Ultrasonic Sonic Monitor: HUS-3
Handy ultrasonic power monitor for daily maintenance. 10 KHz - 5 MHz

- Portable Ultrasonic Cutter: ZO-41
A small handy tool with eifficient cutting ability. Ultrasonic power makes troublesome work easy.

- Ultrasonic Transducer Elements, BLT (Bolt clamped Langevin type Transducers)
Optimized ultrasonic transducers for ultrasonic cleaners and machinery equipment with long time experience in ultrasonic industry.