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USW-334 | Ultrasonic handy cutter
[Ultrasonic Power Tools]


About ultrasonic cutter
Apply the ultrasonic vibration to the blade

Blade of ultrasonic cutter is vibrated in ultrasonic frequency by internal ceramics transducer. The microscopic and high-speed motion of the blade has strong effect and blade moves much smoother with light force. Tough material that require strong force to cut becomes unbelievably smooth.

<< note >>
* It does not reinforce the hardness of blades. The blade cannot cut the material that is harder than itself.
* Ultrasonic horn and ceramics heats up by long time use (about 10 minutes).
   Protection circuit will stop the operation. Please rest the unit until it cools down.
* Pressure force to the blade is up to 3 kg. Too much pressure cause dislocation of blade, overheat or malfunction.
* Thermo protection may work shorter time.
   When the unit stops operation with too much heat, please wait until it cools down.
* Please wear protection goggles, safety gloves for your safety while in use or replacing blades.
* Please be aware for the harmful fume generated from the material during the operation.
   Please have good ventilation for such cases.

  • High speed vibration, 40,000 cycle per second (40 kHz) assists smooth cutting with less pressure force.
  • Main unit has handpiece holder. Handpiece settles safe while not in use.

Applicable material and thickness (reference)
  • Resin: ABS, PP, PET, acrylic
  • Thickness: 3 mm maximum
  • Cutting speed: Typically, the speed of cutting above plastics with 3mm thick is approximately 3 seconds.
The cutting experience described above may vary by the environment and hardness of the material.
For the material not listed above, please contact us, before you try.

◆There is an industrial model for heavy duty use
   Please check Industrial ultrasonic cutter USW-335.


For better experience...

Maintenance note
Blade and blade fixture must be fixed tight. WHen it becomes loose, the ultrasonic energy is not transferred to the blade.
* Tightening confirmation before use would be recommended.

Stains left on the blade and blade fixture can be a cause of overheat, irregular noise or malfunction.
* Please confirm the blade and the fixture before use and clean if necessary.

Protection circuit
Protection circuit may work and operation stops when the unit senses excess heat. Please wait until the unit, blade or any other parts cool down. After every part cooled down enough not to harm you, please confirm the fixture of the blade and stains around the blade. Please make sure blade is firmly fixed in its correct position, before use it again.


Model USW-334
Oscillation Self-excited
Output power 20 W
Output frequency 40 kHz
Power source 100V AC, 50/60 Hz, 30 VA
WxDxH mm
main unit 134x101x71 (exclude raised part, include foot)
handpiece dia 34x139
Weight 540 g

  • Standard blade  (HA04) x40
  • Blade fixture  (HK02) x1
  • Blade fixing screw  (HB03) x3
  • Hexagon wrench  (RR02)  x1 
Transducer : Bolt-clamped Langevin type 
●Operation switch: Push switch (handpiece), Main switch (main unit)
●Operation temperature: 5 to 45 deg C 
●Protection: Thermostat
●Power cord length: 1.4 m
●Output cord length: 0.5 m Carl cord)
  • Carbide blade (HA07) x1
  • Square blade (HA08) x1
  • Long blade (HA09) x1
  • Round up blade (HA10) x1
  • Blade fixing screw (HB03)x3
  • Hexagon wrench (RR02) x1
  • Cutter mat (CM01/CM02)
  • Maintenance kit (SB01/SB02)
  • Goggle (ZH13)
  • Carrying case (CB02) 

Industrial Equipment TEL:81-532-41-2774