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SONAC-37 | Ultrasonic no-staple stapler
[Ultrasonic Power Tools]


Plastic Stapler without staples. Safe and Easy!

Grasp the handpiece as same way as standard stapler. The object can be welded easily.
For food pack, plastic container or vinyl packages.


  • Ultrasonic vibration (60,000 cycles per second) welds plastic instantly, safe and easy.
  • Lightweight compact handpiece is easy to handle. It also fit in the main unit for storage.
  • No metal staples, tapes or bonds. Plastic material melts instantly at the contact point and weld.
  • No risk of contamination to content in a package. Garbage separation is not necessary after use.
  • Protection circuit prevents damage. Safe and durable.
  • Ultrasonic output starts and stop automatically by holding the object between avils.
  • No preheat is necessary. Plug in the unit and operates right away.
  • Tamper-proof welding is possible with option anvil.
  • Main unit is also lightweight and compact. It fits many scenes of applications.

Frictional heat is generated between the plastic material
(The heat is instantaneous)
Mechanism of ultrasonic welding

  • Food packs(OPS, A-PET), Plastic nets
  • Chemical fiber clothing, Temporary fixing
  • Vinyl bag, Blister pack fixing
  • Industrial plastic film, Plastic tapes or Wrapping films
   * Not suitable for air-tight sealing


Food pack Blister pack Nonwoven fabric
Blister pack
Nonwoven fabric
plastic bag Net bag Apparel (cloth)
plastic bag Net bag
Apparel (cloth)


Oscillation Self-oscillated
Output power 20 W
Frequency 57 kHz
Power sourch 100V AC, 50/60Hz 30 W
(exclude raised part, foot)

Main unit 70 x 220 x 165
handpiece 32 x 125 x 49
Weight 920 g

■Accessories: Standard anvil (YK01)
●Transducer : Bolt-clamped Langevin type 
●Protection: Thermostat, blank welding protection
●Effective welding area: 6 x 3 mm
●Power cord length: 1.5 m
●Output cord length: 0.5 m (Carl cord)
●Option: Tamper proof anvil (YK02)
  * easy to proof of unpacking


Tamper proof anvil YK02
Tamper proof anvil makes a small seal-spot that shall be make a hole when the fitting pack is opened.

User can easily confirm if the fitting pack has been unpacked after production line.
tamper proof
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