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SONAC-200 | Industrial Ultrasonic Plastic Welder / Cutter
[Ultrasonic Power Tools]


Multi-purpose unit can cover welding, cutting, riveting and other work.
Built-in constant power circuit enables constant work.


Special Bolt-clamped Langevin transducer has been genuinely developed.

Two types of handpiece are available; Embed type (A type) and Handheld type(H type).
A type hired flex-resistant cable and bears for repetitive motion of automated system.
It also has capability of air-purge cooling system for stable continuous use.

Constant output power circuit keeps the stable drive of the horn.
* Customized horn is available optionally. Please contact us with required specification or application.



Spot welding 
spot welding Weld the limited area of contacted plastic pieces.

Transferred welding
transferred welding
Weld at other location where the horn is applied. Used for a part with complexed shape.

riveting   Rivet a boss formed on one side of part sticking out from a hole of one piece. Used for assembling pre-injected plastic parts.
insertion   Insert metal piece (female screw) into plastic parts and fixed tight.
Plastic parts can be assembled rigidly using screws with this inserted metal piece. The metal piece can be fixed tightly by making the hole slightly smaller than the size of the metal piece.
There are more usage other than welding as below.
    Setting a blade at the tip of the horn, the ultrasonic vibration boosts the energy of the blade and cutting work becomes smoother. It requires less force than without vibration (normal way).
    ●Emulsification, Bio-cell crushing
    Possible to concentrate the vibration power at the tip of the horn. It has a capability of different liquid emulsification or bio-cell crushing in culture fluid


Oscillation PLL auto-tracking oscillation
Output power 200 W
Output frequency 28 kHz
Power source 100V AC, ±10%, 50/60 Hz
WxDxH mm
Main unit 300x308x107
Handpiece dia 42x238 (exclude raised part and horn)
Weight A type: 4.9 kg, H type: 4.7 kg(exclude horn)
■Accessories: External control cord (A type only)
●Transducer : Bolt-clamped Langevin type 
●Protection: Thermostat
●Ouotput control: 50 to 100 %
●Timer: 0.1 -
●Power cord length: 2 m
●Output cord length: 5m flex-resistant (A type), 1.5m (H type)
●Option: Foot switch (FS01),   Handpiece stand (HS01),   Alarm cable

Customized horn is available. Please contact us with required specification or application. 


Material capability

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