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Quartz Transducer Cleaner|W-357-1MQB-SKC
[Ultrasonic Cleaners [ Semiconductor Industry ]]

Quartz Head

The next generation of cleaning! High-performance, Low-damage.


Honda Electronics introduced world-first quartz vibration type ultrasonic cleaning unit in 2006. 
Ultrasonic vibration is applied to the Quartz head and cleans semiconductor wafers.
This method realizes high purity cleanliness, because cleaning chemical has no contact except Quartz glass (no contact of rubber or something else for packing). It also saves cleaning chemical liquid compared to batch system or flushing type cleaners.
Quartz head (vibration unit) may be optionally modified to appropriate shape for different applications, such as  low damage cleaning, wide area cleaning, special object like beveled surface or notches. 
Recent Study
Recently, we collaborated  with ONDA Corporation and University of Arizona about to characterize the megasonic cleaning performance from the W-357-1MQB-SKC.
Here, is a schlieren video, taken for the study captures . The movement of an "acoustic brush" traveling between Quartz transducer and photomask substrate.  For more details, you can visit the poster presented at the SPCC 2016 Conference titled: " Acoustic Characterization of a Photomask Cleaning System (SPCC 2016)"
W-357-1MQB-SKC acoustic brush movement
Acoustic Wave Propagation from a Megasonic Transducer Reflecting off a Quartz Photomask
Product Video
Please also refer below video for the entire explanation of the product.


Low damage cleaning for the wafers with micro-structure

■Ultrasonic vibration is applied to the Quartz head and cleans semiconductor wafers.
Cleaning chemical is filled between the quartz head and semiconductor wafer and the ultrasonic vibration can be carried via quartz head and cleaning chemical will effectively cleans the wafer with ultrasonic acceleration power.
■It cleans semiconductor wafers with low damage.
Using quartz glass for chemical contact points instead of rubber packing, there is no risk of elution or wearing out of packing material and keeps high level cleanliness.

Removal of photo resist material
Removal of polymer material after etching or ashing
Cleaning Gate electrode
Post process of CMP


Oscillation Frequency setting separate excitation oscillation
Output power 12W
Output frequency 1MHz
Power source 200 - 240 V AC
50/60Hz 300VA
Dimension 180 (W) x 250 (D)  x 100 (H) mm 
(exclude raised part, include foot)
Weight 2.2 kg

●Output setting range: 0 - 12 W (Vibration unit is limited to 10 W continuously when air-purge is used
●Operating condition: Tmp.: 15 - 35 deg C, Rel. Hmd.: 10 - 85 %
●Rating of external drive terminal:
 Ultrasonic oscillation control input: 12 V DC, 16mA or more
 Alarm output: 24 V DC, 0.5 A
■Cord: Power cord (100 V type: 2m or 200 V type :3a m), control cord: (5m)x4

■Vibration unit
Flow rate N/A
Length 159 mm
Chuck dimension  dia. 24 mm
Cleaning area 24 cm2
Weight 600g

●Liquid temperature: 20 - 50 deg C
●Transducer: PZT
●Material: Vibration unit: Quartz, Gasket: Silicon rubber, Case: PCTFE
●Output cord length: 1.5 m (PVC) + 3.5 m (PVC) with a relay connector

* Optionally, 2MHz, 3MHz is available. Please contact for the detail.

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