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HA-701W | Ultrasonic Flaw Detection System
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  • Displays A-mode, B-mode and C-mode image on the screen altogether and enables easy detection of flaw in the object.
  • Different frequency of ultrasonic concave probes can be selected suite to the object material, size and type of flaw.

flaw detecting image

  • Applicable to internal flaw detection of semiconductor, ceramics, resin, metal, cast metal
  • Different type of flaw, such as cracks, voids or bonding defect
  • Ultrasonic travels through non-transparent material and enables non-destructive observation.


Flaw detection Frequency 5 - 50 MHz
standard probe*1
25 MHz (spot size: 200 μm)
Image capture function  
Display A, B, C mode
Variable C-mode area
max. number of image capture Simultaneous capture of 8 images
Image data capture system Cursor sampling (Gate 4n sec)
Gate hold sampling (4n sec - 38.4 μsec)
Tracking gate sampling (4n sec - 38.4μsec)
A/D sampling frequency 500 MSPS
X, Y, Z stage scanning
Stage travel distance
140 x 140 x 50 mm
(X x Y x Z axis)
Scan speed max 400 mm/sec
Visual field size
Free size
Scan step X, Y: 10 μm, Z: 4 μm
Image display
17" color LCD
1,280 x 1,024 pixels
Power source
Voltege 100V AC
Power 600 VA
Weight Main unit
Display: 4.6kg, Main unit: 17 kg
38 kg
WxDxH mm
Main unit Display:374x195x378
main unit: 177 x 480 x 427
Scanner 470 x 560 x 300
OS Windows7
※"Windows" is the registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, USA and other countries.

*1: Probe selection
Spot sizeHi-frequency transmitter/ receiver
10 MHz 500 μm N/A
Standard 25 MHz 200 μm N/A
*option 50 MHz 100 μm *option
*option 100 MHz 50 μm

●Rotary scanner HA-701W回転スキャナ
●Ultrasonic probe
HA-701W 超音波探触子
●Hi-frequency transmitter/ receiver TRX

Image mode

A-scope, B-scope, C-scope
three scope image

●A-scope (A-mode)
The basic wave pattern indication of flaw detection.  
It indicates reflected echo intensity (wave patterns) received by a probe and the transit time of ultrasound (distance) on the rectangular coordinates.

●B-scope (B-mode)
Tomography, or cross-sectional profile, through one vertical slice of a sample.  It indicates the location of a probe and the transit time of ultrasound (distance) on the rectangular coordinates. 
 The intensity of echo in the A-scope wave pattern is modulated by brightness or color, and the brightness (or color) of a dot on the coordinates is proportional to the intensity of the echo.
The existence, distribution and location is determined intuitively.

●C-scope (C-mode)
Tomography, or cross-sectional profile, through one horizontal slice of a sample.  The image of C-scope is similar to that of an optical microscope.  The echo intensity received at a fixed depth is modulated by intensity.  The distribution of flaws on the horizontal plane is more easily determined.
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