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Nozzle type cleaner "PULSE JET" Line type
[Ultrasonic Cleaners [ Semiconductor Industry ]]


  • Applying ultrasonic pressure to the water stream from the nozzle creates particle acceleration in the water and the water particle motion removes submicron contamination on the objective works.
  • Fresh DI water supply avoids re-contamination within the cleaning media.
  • Cleaning water is supplied in single line form, so the wide material such as LCD glass can be cleaned effectively.
  • High frequency ultrasound (megasonic) is effective for fine particle contamination.
  • Output power control can adjust the power and suitable for delicate object like magnetic head.

  • Cleaning after mirror polishing or before vapor deposition of GaAs wafer
  • Cleaning of LCD glass, HDD media or Si wafers
  • Cleaning for CMP post process

Lineup [size]
  • W-357LS-80
    80 mm width type, suitable for small size LCD glass
    Standard nozzle for this model is stainless steel(SUS304)

  • W-357LS-160
    180 mm width type.
    Nozzle is made of P.P. and metal ion contamination.

  • W-357LS-380
    380 mm width type.
    Nozzle is made of P.P. and metal ion contamination.

  • W-357LS-580
    580 mm width type.
    Nozzle is made of P.P. and metal ion contamination.


ModelW-357LS-80W-357LS-160 W-357LS-380 W-357LS-580
Oscillation Self-excitation oscillation
Output power 120 W 240 W (120 x2CH) 480 W(120 x4CH) 720 W (120 x6CH)
Output frequency 1 MHz 1 MHz ±100kHz
Power source 100V AC
50/60Hz 300 VA
200V AC
50/60Hz, 600VA
200V AC
50/60Hz, 600VA
2 units
200V AC
50/60Hz, 600VA
 3 units
WxDxH mm
(exclude raised part, include foot)
(exclude raised part, include foot)
(exclude raised part, include foot)
(exclude raised part, include foot)
Weight 7.2 kg 15 kg 15 kg x2 15 kg x3

●Output setting range: 60 to 120W each channel
●Operating condition: Tmp.: 5 - 40 deg C, Rel. Hmd.: 80% or less
●Rating of external drive terminal: 
   Ultrasonic oscillation control input: 250 V AC, 1 A or more
 Alarm output: 250V AC, 400 mA or 24V DC, 1.25 A
■Cord: Power cord(2 m), control cord(5 m x 3)
 * Parallel drive cord (0.4m) only for W-357LS-380、W-357LS-580

■Transducer nozzle
ModelW-357LS-80W-357LS-160 W-357LS-380 W-357LS-580
Flow rate 8 L/min 18 L/min 30 L/min 45 - 60 L/min
WxDxH mm
(exclude raised part, include foot)
113x85x40 282x182x105 482x182x105 682x182x105
Dimension of nozzle slit 95x2 mm 194x2 mm 400x2 mm 600x2 mm
Effective cleaning area 80x2 mm 180x2 mm 380x2 mm 580x2 mm
Weight 2 kg
2.7 kg
4.5 kg
6 kg
nozzle SUS304
PP (Polipropylen)
gasket Silicon rubber
vibration plate Tantalum
Inlet 15A(1/2B)  inner dia 11 mm, outer dia 13 mm

●Liquid temperature: 20 to 40 deg C
●Transducer: PZT
●Output code: 5 m

Industrial Equipment TEL:81-532-41-2774