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HL2000 | Ultrasonic Interface Level Meter
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Measures the flying time of ultrasonic signal to the sludge level

Ultrasonic signal has characteristic that it reflects where the density changes.
Submerged sensor transmit ultrasonic signal, then the signal reflects at the interface inside the tank. Some part of signal penetrate into the sludge and it also reflects at the rake or bottom of the tank.

Ultrasonic signal transfers in the unclear water. There is no need to contact to the measuring object (sludge), the measurement can be done without sinking the sensor deep into the tank.

HL2000 concept

  • Measuring range is wide from 0.5 to 10 meters.
  • One unit can measure two distances from different sensors. 
  • Thanks to ultrasonic signal, no need to care about clarity of the water, day or night (nob need of light)
  • Calculation process is prepared for supply water quality or deposited sludge, so no need of extra setting or calibration.
  • Durable and stable. Both main unit and sensor unit does not consist any mechanical movement part.

  • Interface management of settling tank at industrial wastewater treatment facility
  • Interface management for a settling tank at sewage treatment facility

Setting sample
application example of ultrasonic interface level meter


Model HL2000
Channel number 2 CH
400 kHz
Measuring object Sludge interface
Measurement range
(1/2 for powder)
0.4 - 10 m
internal 1 cm
display 1 cm
Data update cycle 1 second
Directive angle (half of full angle) 6 degree
Power source
Volgtage 85 - 264 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power 10 VA
Display LCD (back-lit)
Output Alarm 2 points
250V AC, 30V DC, 5 A(relay contat)
4-20 mA current resolution: 16 bit / channel
(Max. load 450Ω)
Interface RS-232C(distance 10m or less)
ModelMain unit
Sensor unit
Operation temperature -10 to 60 deg C -5 - 60 deg C
Material Painted steel Cae: PVC
Cable: PVC
Protection IP54 level IP68 level
WxDxH mm
280x92.5x322 dia 80x95
Cord length - 20 m
Max. cord length - 100 m*
3.6 kg
2.2 kg
* Please contact us for extension of the cord.


  • Sensor surface must be kept clean for correct measurement. Please use cleaning nozzle to keep it clean.
  • Please supply water to cleaning nozzle constantly. (recommended water flow is 20 L/min)

cleaning nozzle

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