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Honda Electronics Co., Ltd.

We are a comprehensive manufacturer of ultrasound founded in 1956. Since we launched the world's first transistorized portable fish finder, we have made use of our familiar and excellent technical ability of ultrasound and integrated its research, development, production and sale. We are now the world's only manufacturer, which independently produces the piezoelectric ceramics called the heart of ultrasound machines. We value the originality of products and enter a variety of fields including fishery, industry, medicine, environment and energy, etc. We push forward the joint development projects in all aspects and follow the goal of making more contributions to the society.

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Our Strengths

The only comprehensive manufacturer of ultrasound in pursuit of its infinite potentials in the world

Honda Electronics is a R&D enterprise specialized in "ultrasound" and the only comprehensive manufacturer of ultrasound in the world. Since launched the world's first transistorized portable fish finder, we have been always realizing the new values of ultrasound, which is our largest strength.

Apply the features of ultrasound in a variety of fields

As the world's only comprehensive manufacturer engaging in the R&D and production of ultrasound, we apply the features of ultrasound in a variety of fields. We depend on a Marine Division to trade the fish finder, an Industrial Equipment Division applying ultrasound in cleaning, processing, measuring and other fields, and a Medical Division to trade the medical diagnosis apparatuses, in order to realize our further and leaping development.

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A pioneer of the world's first fish finder

Since invented and launched the world's first transistorized portable fish finder in 1956, Honda Electronics has received great attention. We are the only company applied our own ceramic transducer in the world, and manufacture the HONDEX fish finder. Meanwhile we also could R&D and produce the products that satisfied various needs from fishing to leisure fishing, and gain a worldwide reputation.

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Ultrasonic technology can be also used in industrial and medical equipments

By applying the ultrasonic technology, our corporation develops the products different from those of other companies. Our Industrial Equipment Division develops the products based on over 500 ultrasonic technologies. Our continuous-flow type cleaner used in the cleaning of semiconductors has become highly reputed. Moreover, Moreover, ultrasonic diagnosis apparatuses developed by our Medical Division have made great achievements in patient examinations in such fields as internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, cardiology and sports medicine.

Medical appliances