Cutting, Welding, and Others

For personal use thanks to its price and compact design


Model USW-334
Oscilation mode Self-activating oscillation
Max. power output 20W
Oscillation frequency 40kHz
Power supply AC100V}10% 50/60Hz 30VA
Dimensions W x D x H mm 134 x 127 x 71
Weight(kg) 0.42
Cable length 1.4m
Protection instrument Thermostat
Transducer Bolt clamped Langevin transducer
Control Push switch
Dimensions(mm) 34 x 139
Weight(kg) 0.12
Cable length Output cable: 0.5m (Curling cable)

By the high-speed vibration of 40,000/sec., possible to cut smoothly and to see the nice-looking cut surface
Compact design with the holder for the hand piece
Application example
Cutting the gate of the resin products, burring and cutting pattern of PCB
Cutting films, sheets and clothes


*Scissile resin and its thickness (as the rough guidej
@Resin: ABS, PP, PET and acrylic resin
@Thickness: less than 3mm
The cutting performance would be different according to the condition like the environmental temperature and the hardness of the above resins.
When other resins will be cut by the cutter, ask us beforehand.
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